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Advances In Multiple Sclerosis

Advances In Multiple Sclerosis has been developed by American Outcomes Management of New York who is an independently owned, leading provider of home infusion services specializing in the care of patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and other chronic and acute disease conditions. Our goal is to work with patients, families, physicians, case managers and other healthcare providers to develop improved and more cost-effective ways of delivering care to people with serious or chronic medical conditions such as MS.

The AOM Team

At AOM our infusion therapy services are more than providing intravenous medications and solutions to patients in the home setting. Our team of highly qualified nurses and pharmacists coordinate, manage and provide care to patients who are afflicted with a variety of chronic and acute diseases. Nursing and pharmacy work collaboratively to assure the quality and continuity of care provided to our clients. Our Team meets on a regular basis to discuss patient care issues and identify interventions necessary to achieve positive patient outcomes.

The AOM Team consists of:

  • The Patient and their Family
  • The Physician
  • The Case Manager
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • RN Patient Care Managers
  • Certified Infusion Therapy Nurses
  • Reimbursement/Billing Specialists

Our goal is to assist the patient and their family in achieving the highest level of independence in their care. As a part of this process, our team completes a thorough family and home environment assessment identifying needs such as support services, home medical equipment and adaptive equipment, patient and caregiver education.

Our nursing staff coordinates and provides care and is in constant communication with the physician. Our pharmacy staff evaluates the patient's drug regimen for drug interactions and incompatibilities and monitors patient compliance, response to therapy and adverse events.

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