A Guide To Playing US Open

The US Open is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments which are held annually. This particular tournament is held in the United Stated on a hard court.  The other Grand Slam tournaments have a range of surfaces.  The US Open is held at the end of August every year and goes on two weeks into September. In the middle of the tournament is the Labour Day holiday. The US Open is owned by the United States Tennis Association, or USTA, which is a non profit organisation. All proceeds from the tournament go back into promoting tennis in the US.

The US Open is the only one of the Grand Slam tournaments which employs a tie breaker in its games. In every set of a match, a tie breaker is played should the set end 6 – 6.

How To Bet On The US Open

Placing a wager on one of the matches in the US Open is easier than ever before. No longer do you have to go down to your local bookie or sports pub. These days you can simply go online and find a veritable cornucopia of online betting sites which offer pretty much anything a punter desires.

Australian betting sites are based all over the world, and many of them will have different odds than the next. When choosing your online betting site, make sure that, firstly, accepts players from your region. Not all sites accept players from all over the world due to national gambling laws. Secondly, have a look at a number of sites before you settle on one as different sites will offer you different things.

Less Popular Games

Doubles, mixed and junior events are also played at the US Open and may have some interesting odds. The bulk of the punters will place bets on the big singles games, which is what the US Open is known for. There are also senior events for stars of the past. These are nostalgic games for many and some bookies offer great odds on the games.

Seeding And Upsets

Seeding is when a tournament organisers place the bigger name competitors in certain places in the draw. This is to ensure that they do not play each other too soon and get knocked out in the earlier rounds. Planting these names helps to add excitement to the tournament as the quarter, semi and finals should, on paper, be filled with all the big names.

Of course, nothing goes one hundred percent to plan, and there are often upsets and casualties in the earlier games. In the 2015 games sixteen of the top men’s names failed to make it to the last 16, only three of the world’s top players made it to the quarter finals and only two made it to the semi finals.

When placing a wager on the US Open, make sure that you follow the tournament closely to keep abreast of upsets and knockouts. Know the competitors that play against each other; who does best on a hard court surface and who has beaten whom in the past. Of course, there will always be the wild cards that make it through, and a calculated bet on them may just reward you handsomely.