Best Gambling Game Sic Bo On Your iPad For Winning Money

The iPad is one of the most coveted devices with technology that boasts sophistication and innovation. Using your iPad for playing iPad sic bo is the best choice as it frees up your phone and has a larger screen for you to navigate through the game better. The best rated sic bo games have been developed to be world class with brilliant graphics, lively sound effects, fast loading times and other incredible game features. The games sheer brilliance is further enhanced by the superior capabilities of the iPad. The portable nature of this device allows you to enjoy iPad sic bo with no limitations on when or where you play. This adds an exciting advantage as you can win real money between your usual day to day activities.

Start Playing iPad Sic Bo

With applications being the way forward, you will find no shortage of options to download onto your iPad. It is important to ensure they are of superior quality so be sure you choose from the best and most reputable casinos. These casinos will guarantee great security, keeping your funds and personal information safe. You will have round the clock support for any issues that may arise with your account or iPad sic bo game and convenient and user friendly banking methods will be available.

If you are not too familiar with this ancient Chinese game, you will find free play versions for you to play for fun or to learn the game while you have a few practice rounds. These are available to be played directly at the NZ online pokies casinos through your web browser and if you do not wish to download an application you will find real money sic bo games available for instant play. A wealth of information on the rules and types of bets that can be placed is readily available so you can be winning in no time.

Basic Rules and Betting Options

iPad sic bo is played the same as traditional sic bo or online sic bo, apart from the devices functionality. The aim of this exciting game is to bet on the outcome of the three dice that are rolled. iPad sic bo is a game that requires little skill and is based mainly on chance but there is however strategy to placing the bets for more favourable outcomes, which is why it is important to know the options when it comes to the types of bets.

The betting options have a variety of odds and pay outs so it is important to know the basics and which pay higher. You can bet on a triple, which is a win regardless of which numbers are rolled, if you bet on a specific double you will only win if those same numbers are rolled and a total bet is the total points of the dice. You can place big bet, where you need to roll a total of eleven to seventeen and small bets for totals of four to ten. Single bets can be placed on any one specific number. iPad sic bo is really a thrilling game that requires little skill so it can be thoroughly enjoyed at any time.