Comprehensive Gladiators Gold Online Slot Game Review

Gladiators Gold is a high quality online video slot powered by Microgaming casino software. While the game may have a Gladiator theme, it is essentially a classic slot with first rate graphics and a decent jackpot payout. The backdrop to the game is an image of a gladiator standing in the coliseum preparing for battle. The background image is the sum total of the theme in this classic Vegas-style video slot. Every other part of the game resembles a classic casino slot machine down to the casino sound effects and bar symbols. The game is played out on a single screen with the paytable displayed on the right hand side.

A Classic Vegas-Style Slot

As a classic slot, Gladiators Gold features a total of 3 spinning reels with just three paylines. This is the type of game that will appeal to all classic slot fans and first time players. The simplicity of the game makes it appealing along with the fact that there is some decent jackpot payouts up for grabs. Before each and every spin, players can select the number of coins bet per payline by clicking on the up or down arrows at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, players can click on the “bet one” or “bet max” buttons to achieve the same result.

Gladiators Gold does not have a theme as such. Besides the background image, the game can be viewed as a classic online gambling Nigeria slot through and through. On the reels, players will find all the classic casino slot images that you would expect to find a live casino in Vegas. The lowest paying symbol of the game is not actually a single symbol but a combination of any bar symbol. This means that players can land either the single bar, double bar or triple bar in any combination and still get paid out. The highest payout for any bar is 5 coins.

High Paying Bars and 7’s

Moving up the payout ladder, the single bar symbol in Gladiators Gold is the next in line. Finding all three single bar symbols across the reels will pay out a 10 coins. Similarly, if players manage to land all three double bar symbols, the payout doubles again to 20 coins. The triple bar symbol holds more weight in the game and offers a decent 50 coin payout for landing three in a row.

Sticking to the any symbol theme, the next payout on the paytable in Gladiators Gold is the any 7 symbol combination. This means that players can any of the two red gold 7’s or red 7’s. The 7 combination symbol will payout a reasonable 75 coins. Next in line is the gold 7. Finding all three gold 7’s across the reels will increase your winnings by 150 coins. The highest paying symbol of the game and the one to look out for is the red 7. This is essentially the jackpot symbol and has three jackpots depending on how many paylines are played. For a single payline, three red 7’s will pay out 1000 coins. If players play all three paylines and land all three red 7’s this will trigger the jackpot of 4000 coins.