Explaining about Online Pokies

Explaining about Online Pokies Having Different Themes

New Zealand and Australia are the pokies capitals of the world, with more players than anywhere else. Tens of thousands log in to play on a daily basis, and that number is only growling steadily. And, the more players there are to enjoy the games, the ever more spectacular the games themselves are becoming.

Modern pokies games feature incredible high definition artwork, stunningly detailed animations, and even interactive soundtracks. Some are breath taking to behold, and this standard of quality is rapidly increasing by the year.

Plus, more and more new and interesting themes are being introduced to the pokes world. It was not so long ago that the standard themes were fruit, but a number of far more interesting subjects have since been utilised. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular commonly used pokies game themes.

Fantasy Worlds

Fantasy has always been a popular theme, and is now a standard part of pokies game designs. From the days of Conan and The Lord Of The Rings, modern times has a much wider variety to offer, with mystical and magical creatures featured in movies, books, television shows, and more.

The sword and sorcery genre in particular is perhaps the most popular subgenre, and a wide variety of pokies games have adopted it. Having proved extremely popular, more and more pokies games are venturing into this territory, with spectacular results.

Popular Movies

Movies have been adapted into slot games for a long time, and the practice is more popular than ever today. Like some iPhone slots found at https://mobileslotscanada.biz/iphone in Canada, virtually every blockbuster film has a slot game version, and the results are often extremely impressive. In fact, some movie themed pokies games are almost as impressive as the movie they are themed around.

Often featuring characters and even clips from the film, fans of the movie can spend some more time with the characters they have grown to love. And don’t forget that classic old pokies games are always available, meaning that you may find a pokies version of one of your favourite old retro films.

Popular Movies Pokies


Modern superheroes have been around for far longer than many assume, with Superman having made his first appearance around WWII. Superheroes have come along way since then, however, and there is a Superhero personality aimed at virtually every demographic. In modern times superheroes are just as popular as they ever were, so it only makes sense that there would be superhero themed pokies games.

Virtually every popular modern superhero has a pokies adaption, including the ever-popular Batman, Iron-man, and even Spiderman. Have a look around your favourite online casino and you are sure to find at least on superhero themed pokies game to play.

Popular Bands

Everyone has a favourite band, and there is a good chance that the band has a pokies game based around it. Retro bans, and even some modern bands have had their likeness adopted into a game, which is great for those dedicated fans who will take more of their musical heroes wherever they can.