Bunny’s Rabbits Slot Alternatives

An Introduction to Bunny’s Rabbits Slot Alternatives

For players looking for Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives, fortunately there are a number of excellent slot options to choose from.

What makes Bunny’s Rabbits slots so interesting is that it offers a slightly different game style to other more common online slots games. When playing this game, players will notice that there are 4 reels, with a total of 4 symbols in each reel.

The interesting part however, is that the symbols don’t rotate in their own reel, but rather each symbol rotates on its own basis. Because if this it is theoretically possible for each symbol on the entire board to be the same after a spin.

This makes for a very interesting type of online slots game. If you have enjoyed playing this game, you might be looking for some Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives. If this is the case, there are actually quite a number of online alternatives that might be of interest to you.

If nothing else, it is worth trying them out first in no deposit mode, and finding out if they are a style of game that you like.

Same Style of Online Slots

Triple Profits slots game on the web is one of the best Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives, not for the appearance of the game as such, but more for the style of the game, or how the game mode functions. There are only three reels in this slots game, which is different to the 4 reels in Bunny’s Rabbit’s slots. Also, each reel only has three symbols.

This makes for a total of nine symbols on the screen at one time. However, in a similar way, each symbol rotates by itself, or changes independently of all the other symbols. If a player is able to get the same symbol to fill all of the positions, this can result in some sizable winnings.

Slot Alternatives - Triple Profits Slot

The money bag bonus game that forms part of Triple Profits is a good extra feature, and so this is certainly one of the Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives that is worth looking at.

Piggy Fortunes is another option worth considering, as it also functions in much the similar way. The graphics in this game are perhaps more similar to Bunny’s Rabbits slots, although based on the theme of the three little pigs.

This online slots game offers 25 different paylines, so there are plenty of opportunities for players to win.

More Win Lines Available

For one of the final Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives, players should consider having a look at Once Upon a Time slots game. This game sticks with the fairy tale theme, but offers 30 win lines to players.

The graphics of this game have been highly commended, and so if this is something that is important to you as a player, it will be worth your while to at least try this game out.

Players are able to get hold of free spins while playing. In addition, as with many other online slots or mobile pokies, Once Upon a Time does include wild reels, which can produce some decent winnings for players.