More Details about Mayfair Casino Club

More Details about Mayfair Casino Club in Dublin

The Mayfair Casino Club – land based is a standalone casino club that is situated on Harcourt Street in the centre of Ireland’s capital city of Dublin. Dublin is considered to be the gambling capital of Ireland, and is home to a variety of gambling activities hosted at dedicated horse racing arenas, sports betting emporiums and land based casinos.

These casinos range from open casinos to exclusive casino clubs and cater to local vistors, international players and players with all levels of gambling experience. These casinos also offer a range of classic casino games like roulette and facilities to appeal to both those looking to place modest wagers and elite casino high rollers.

Facilities Offered at Mayfair Casino Club

The Mayfair Casino Club – land based is privately owned and operated, and is open daily from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. The casino club’s games are available to members of the casino only, attracting many local and international elite gamblers and high rollers as a result.

The exclusive Mayfair Casino Club has kept its game offerings and general style traditional, with the main focus being on its range of classic casino table and card games, as well as its Salon Prive offered to high rolling visitors. In addition to these amenities, the casino club also offers its visitors additional services like in-house restaurant and bar facilities to add to the overall experience offered by the club.

Casino Blackjack

Traditional Table Games and Tournaments

The traditional nature of the Mayfair Casino Club – land based gambling experience attracts a number of players looking to partake in table and card games and even tournaments. Compared to slots at, card games are a particularly popular gambling option in the region, and Mayfair Casino Club caters to this demand by offering a selection of games that include the local BritBrag, roulette and blackjack games, among many others.

The casino club also caters to players of lesser known casino games, having added rare variations like Deluxe Punto Banco Bonus games and more to their casino floor. This casino’s floor holds 16 table games in total, including 6 blackjack tables and 3 roulette wheels and tables as well. Also featured are a total of 7 poker tables and online poker Australia, allowing for regular poker games and exclusive poker and table game tournaments at the Mayfair Casino Club.

Salon Prive for High Rollers

The Mayfair Casino Club – land based is a favourite gambling destination of Irish and international high roller players, especially due to its luxurious design and members-only entry policy. Additionally, the Mayfair Casino Club is one of the few casino venues in the whole country to boast a Salon Prive, which allows high rollers to gamble privately in a secluded parlour while being attended by VIP staff and croupiers.

Gambling in the Salon Prive will also allow high rollers higher bet limits, and in some cases elite players have the advantage of being able to set their own bet limits during play. Dedicated staff are also available at the Mayfair Casino Club for regular players, and are on hand to explain any casino game rules or regulations.