Checking Irish Lotto Results Online

Describing about Checking Irish Lotto Results Online

Lottery games are very well-established in Ireland, and have paid out millions over the years. There are lots of different games available, so everyone should find something to suit their taste and pocket. Being able to play online makes things more convenient, so people can carry on with the rest of their lives at the same time. With mobile devices, it’s even possible to check Irish Lotto results and buy more tickets while in line at the supermarket or during a work commute. The busy Irish players of today don’t have to miss out on any fun or winnings.

Types of Irish Lotto Games

Irish Lotto results can now be checked for a whole range of games that have developed over time. Online sales have been increasing since they were introduced in 2009. Scratchcards, the original National Lottery game, are still very popular today. The Irish Lotto results from these can even lead to players having a chance to win on a National Lottery-sponsored game show. When 3 Lucky Stars appear on the relevant Cards, players can enter to appear on The Winning Streak or The Trump Card.

The Lotto game itself is the country’s flagship game, and is currently a 6/45 game that also features a Bonus Ball. This means 6 balls are drawn from a lot of 45 to create the winning numbers. Players must choose lines of 6 numbers or get them assigned by a machine with the Quick Pick option, and then see how many of these match those that were drawn. The minimum play on a ticket is 2 lines of 6 numerals, and payouts are calculated according to how many digits match and how many people hold successful tickets. The Bonus Balls can be added to any regular winning numbers to create successful combinations, which will pay out less. This means players can match-6, -5 or –4 regular balls to win, or can match-3+, 4+ or 5+ the Bonus Ball.

Types of Irish Lotto Games

The Lotto has also produced 2 spinoff games, Lotto Plus and Lotto 5-4-3-2-1. With Lotto Plus, players pay a small extra amount to enter their chosen numbers into an additional draw of 6/42 balls. There are 2 Lotto Plus drawings at a time, named Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. Odds and payout ratios for these games are the same as in the main Lotto game. Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 games are based around the main draw, and reward every matching number. This means players are paid out even if only 1 of their numbers is in the winning set, as opposed to at least 3 as in the main game.

Euromillions became part of the National Irish Lottery in 2004, and accounts for about 24% of Lottery sales today. Plus is an add-on to this game, and works very similarly to the Lotto Plus extra feature mentioned above. Daily Million is a 6/39 daily draw with prizes up to 1 million Euros, and there are also several Millionaire Raffle games held throughout the year, where winning tickets can win a host of different cash prizes.

Playing the Lottery Online in Ireland

Buying tickets from online websites is simple, and once the relevant Irish Lotto results have been checked, prizes must be claimed within 90 days after each draw. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase tickets or claim prizes, and winners can choose to remain anonymous if they wish to. Best of all, the lump sums that prizes are paid out in are tax-free.