Debunking The Myths Of Blackjack

Mythical monsters have reared their ugly heads in just about every casino game in the house – also among Blackjack players. Having only half a grip on how Blackjack works isn’t armour enough to be able to withstand the temptation of falling into warped patterns of reasoning and thought. Misconceptions typically thrive in the absence of knowledge.

But aside from actual theoretical and working knowledge regarding the rules of the game, there is another great way to side-step becoming the victim of common Blackjack myths. And that is to know what those myths are. Herewith then, some of Blackjack’s more common mythical monsters.

Hot And Cold Dealers

That some incredible swings have occurred at Blackjack tables is no myth. Like it or not, dealers do have “streaks” – winning as well as losing. But that doesn’t mean those on the receiving end of those streaks are suddenly magically able to tell the future. Ultimately, the cards on the table don’t (and can’t!) care about how many hands have been won by whom over the last three hours. No streak or non-streak will ever make it so that past results are able to affect future results – at least not when talking streaks or superstitions.

Unless a dealer is cheating, which, due to the marvels of casino surveillance and modern-day technology is a rare occurrence and practically impossible, he or she has absolutely no control over the cards.

Cheating Casinos

Players – especially rookies – often want to know whether or not casinos ever cheat. The short answer, barring of course an era during which Vegas was run by the mob, is no. Casinos are tightly regulated and stand to incur more than just a stern talking to if ever found to have been cooking the tables. Since no operator in their right mind would risk their licence to trade in return for a few extra dollars scored off unsuspecting Blackjack players, the chance of getting cheated by the casino in our day and age is virtually nil.

Losing House Money Is OK

Being willing to take larger risks when playing with money won off the casino, also known as “house money”, has been many a gambler’s downfall. What makes this type of thinking the thinking of fools is glaringly obvious: money is money – is money.

Progressive Betting Systems

Progressive betting systems may work when playing some of the games offered by the casino some of the time, but since is a game of skill, it makes absolutely no sense to want to play it by applying something like the Martingale system.

What makes of Blackjack a unique game – and a game of skill – is that perceptive players can in fact deduct useful information from hands played since after the last shuffle. For this reason we can say that Blackjack, unlike Craps and Roulette, has memory. Hence, there exists no need for a progressive system relying solely on the fact that persevering at losing must ultimately lead to a change of fortune.