The Appeal Of Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer games vary greatly and while once the market was quite narrow with only card games available, recent times have seen many new Live Dealer options become available. Live Dealer games are ones in which the player is in control of the actions happening in a casino through a Live Dealer acting as their avatar – as opposed to software using random number generators to deliver casino game play.

For example, in live roulette, a person will spin a real roulette wheel as opposed to an automatically generated one being shown on a screen, and the person will call the number landed on, as well as the colours. Bets are made just as they would be in a brick and mortar casino, with side bets allowed for most live dealer games. The added benefit of this is that players can chat to the dealer – as well as to other online players at the same time.

Different Types of Live Dealer Games

Where once card games dominated the Live Dealer games available, there are now a plethora of options to pick between. The following are examples of the various games available, with plenty of subcategories found within each listed area.

  1. Slots – As opposed to a computer-generated machine and numbers, you control a person in the form of a live dealer – who will be based at one of the live dealer casinos. As a player, you can choose which machine the dealer will go to, how much to wager on it, and what steps to follow including when to spin.
  2. Bingo – Just like you’d play in person, you receive a card with numbers, and a Live Dealer will call numbers as they come for you to cross off. Players will set the wager and can choose from 75 up to 90 ball bingo games.
  3. Lottery games – Just like the national lottery most countries have, an online lottery with a Live Dealer is available in which participants pick their numbers and have the live dealer calls out the balls as they come.
  4. Poker – One of the oldest Live Dealer game options around, there are numerous poker games to choose from. All the games come with cameras for the poker game available, and the option to chat with other players just as if you were at the table yourself.
  5. Blackjack – A great card game with easy to follow rules, Live Dealer blackjack gives players the luxury of socialising around the table and with their Live Dealer – as everyone tries their best to beat the dealer. Players tell the Live Dealer when to stand and hit their hand.
  6. Dice – Shaking and rolling are two sensations every dice player knows and loves – and you can vicariously enjoy it through a Live Dealer who will roll the dice for you, and giving you a more authentic experience than pushing a button and watching a dice roll on the screen. Live Dealer dice games include Craps and Live Dice Duel.
  7. Roulette – With options between Live Dealer American Roulette and European Roulette available, it’s just as much fun playing as in a physical casino. The Live Dealer will give you an immersive experience with HD video and audio, along with camera angles that switch every so often to draw players in.