Gemix Slots Game by Play’n Go

The Gemix slots game by Play ‘n’ Go is a simple slots game with a seven by seven playing grid, where players need to match five shapes for them to explode and be rewarded with cash in return. The casino game offers cascading wins and various multipliers, as well as different ‘worlds’ that players may access and wander through.

The Cascading Reels Feature

The Gemix slots game offers a cascading reels feature. Every time players match five or more symbols on the reels, these will explode and result in instant cash wins. In addition, the symbols that have exploded will be replaced by symbols falling from the top, giving players additional chances to put together matching symbols without having to pay for another round. In addition, successive cascades will result in multipliers being added, and each cascading win will add an additional multiplier.

The Crystal Charge Meter

The Crystal Charge Meter is a special feature of the Gemix slots game. Every time a player matches symbols and wins, the charge meter at the right of the screen will fill up a little more. Once the Crystal Charge Meter is full, one of five additional features may be triggered.

If the Chain Lighting Feature is triggered, the two corner symbols of the grid will be linked and every symbol in between the two will turn into the same colour. If the Light Beam feature is triggered, light rays will be emitted both horizontally and vertically from any one symbol on the grid, which will turn every other symbol it touches into the same colour. If the Crystal Warp symbol is triggered, one symbol will randomly be picked and then every other symbol of that colour will be converted to the colour of whatever colour symbol already appears most in the grid.

If the Novablast symbol is activated, one symbol is selected and will explode, allowing for more symbols to fill the empty spaces. If the SuperCharged Crystal feature is activated, players will receive bigger wins and all wins will be multiplied by three. The SuperCharged Crystal feature can only be triggered if the Crystal Charge Meter supercharges by achieving a big enough chain reaction of exploding wins.

The Three Gemix Worlds

The Gemix slots game at real money online casino Australia offers three different worlds for players to wander through, each time offering different wilds and a change of scenery. The worlds will change once players have had wins over three different patterns and this generally occurs every fifty to one hundred wins.

In the Miner’s World, the theme is set deep underground and gems are dug up. The wild symbol is represented by the Miner’s Lamp. As an additional random feature, three to ten wilds will occasionally drop down into the grid. In the Princess’ World, the theme is pink and features a princess world. The wild symbol here is the lollipop icon, and this world also features an additional bonus. These are the ‘spreading wilds’, where the wild symbols will move vertically, horizontally, or diagonally till they reach the end of the grid, giving players multiple wins. Then there is the Wizard World, which is set in the woods. The wild symbol is represented by the book icon. The wild symbols will appear randomly in one of four layout patterns, and will then remain sticky in their positions as long as the reels cascade, allowing for additional wins.