Roulette Strategies That Everyone Can Use

Ever since roulette was created people have been trying to find ways in which you can strategize to earn big winnings in this game that is mainly a luck of draw – or in this case, luck of the ball. Many roulette players have come up with tried and tested strategies. These strategies – when applied correctly – can increase your chance of winning. It is however important to note that no strategy is 100% sure to make you win. Roulette remains a game of luck.


The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is what is called a progressive betting strategy. The system is easy, but as stated previously, not 100% fool proof. The Martingale strategy makes you bet on outside bets only and only in equal betting increments. You could therefore bet 10 dollars on black. In theory you have a 50% chance of winning when using the outside bets. In reality this is not true.

Because the 0 and 00 is not part of the outside bets you only have a 48.6% chance of winning. The strategy says that you should place your bet on the same bet every time. The moment you lose, you should double your bet. This is to make up for the loss of the lose. The moment you win, carry on doing so until you get a huge win, doubling your bet after every loss. The moment you get a big win this way, start small again.

The Paroli Strategy

This is often called ‘The Reverse Martingale Strategy’ and is probably the best strategy to use for new comers to the game of roulette. Essentially it works exactly the same as the Martingale but in reverse. Instead of doubling your bet after every loss, you double your bet after every win. When you lose, you start over with your lowest bet possible.

The advantage that you have with this system of betting on roulette is that your buy in money, should in theory, always stay more or less the same. And every time that you increase your bet – because you have won – you aren’t using your money to do so, but you are using the casinos money. When you have reached a nice big win and you feel confident about it, you can start again at the lowest buy in and work on your next big win.

The James Bond Strategy

As the name would suggest this is the strategy that was used by the fictional character that served in her majesty’s service. The method is not fool proof, but if used correctly there sure is a lot of merit in it. The idea is that you place three bets every time and each of your chip’s bets are the same value every time. These three placements are 0, 19 – 36 and the two small rows consisting of numbers 13 to 18.

Your three placements do not all have to be the same value, but which ever value you choose for them should stay the same, every time that you make them. Using these placements, there are only the numbers 1 to 12 that you are not covering. This gives you 25 opportunities to win and only 12 to lose. Not perfect but as close as a cigar.