Top Roulette Bets That You Must Place In Order

Somehow casino images always conjure up images of the rich sitting around a roulette table. Whether you are thinking in terms of modern-day casinos or harkening back to the wild west. Smoke clouds of cigars hang above the table while the gentlemanly type of men stare at the other players while his cigar hangs out of a moustache adorned lip.

We always get the feeling that these guys know what they are doing. For the average Joe however, the roulette table can be quite daunting. It looks involved and difficult to play. The betting options are so many that it flusters us and we don’t know what to bet. Here are some of the top roulette bets that you can apply to your game and see your winning increase.

Colours And Numbers

To place the best bet you need to calm yourself and realise that a large part of the game is luck. Most of the time roulette offers a chance to win. Black or red, odds or evens. If you use the numbers method of betting, you are almost always certain to win at roulette. The same goes for the red and black method. The winning number has to be one or the other.

When playing this method of betting it is to be understood that your pay-outs will not be as high as all that, but this too is in your hands. The more you are willing to bet, the greater the pay-out of this 50/50 betting system will be. It is of course not the lowest risk method of playing roulette but it is most certainly the one with the best odds.

The Columns Of Roulette

If you are feeling that you would like to up the game but still want to double your winnings then you can step away from colour or number betting and move to column betting. The roulette table has three columns. Each column consists of 12 numbers, not following on each other. The winning ratio here is 2:1. Meaning simply that you have a 1 in three chance of winning.

While your chance of wining, in the first column, is only a third here – as opposed to the previous half a chance – your wining is always double. If you bet 20 dollars on the first column and one of those numbers win, you make 40 dollars. You can of course bet on more than one column, but we will get into that in the next method. As with the previous method, the 0 and 00 do not count at all in this way of betting.

Multiple Columns

The last column consists of more red than black. The second column consists of more black than red. Betting on the third column for example gives you an almost certain red pay-out, but should a black number win you just about triple your original bet, due to the sparce black numbers in the third column. The opposite is then true of the second column and placing a bet in both the second and third column, could be a great way to fatten your wallet.